Time to reflect

From time to time, life allows you to have time for reflection. I’ve been working for Bumble for the last 3.5 years, and recently, a layout affected many of us, and we suddenly found ourselves out and looking for a new position again.

Ten years ago, I would probably go crazy to find a new job as soon as possible; now, I see it as an excellent opportunity to sit and reflect on my goals.

Experience is a good thing that comes with the years, if not the best. You learn about what you want, but more about what you DON’T wish to.

I don’t want to join a company with a transparent culture that fits mine. Values are more than intentions, not something to show on hiring, to repeat on each all hands, and to forget when the time to demonstrate comes.

I don’t want to join a company where I need to fight with my teammates to grow my career at their expense; I want to be considered on my merits and not by who I am friends with.

I don’t want to join a company to grow my income, so I think about the day I will be able to quit working.

I want to join a company that sees in me a great value that can help the company improve and make its people feel better as professionals.

I want to join a company that recognizes experience as a valuable asset and is not looking for rock stars.

I want to join a company that values money as one of the essential parts of the business but not the only important part.

I've been managing, mentoring, and helping people for many years, and I never hesitated about starting from a lower position to demonstrate I can bring great things to the team. But this time, I know my time has come to give all I have inside to my new endeavor. Thanks to this time to reflect, my first action will be finishing and publishing my second book, "Booster Skills." This book is about those things you can do to make your daily work much more manageable, how to better relate to your teammates, and how to promote your job to get where you want to get; stay tuned.

My second action will be to start a new mailing list to reach anyone interested in what I can share at Guillem Efege. I will write about my thoughts and the book every second week and share exciting information for free with anyone who wants to improve.

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