Guillem Fernandez

About my job and my passion.

Guillem Fernandez

Currently working as an independent iOS Developer, I consider myself as a proud family father, tech geek and very passionate professional.

I did Computer Science and have been developing applications for the last twenty years. I am a very fortunate person, as I’ve been able to convert my passion in my job, which I strongly believe is something that we all should aim to do.

After many years developing in different programming languages, managing, and training people, I decided to leave it all and focus all my efforts in being an iOS developer. Those last four years I’ve been improving my skills in objective-c, cocoa and all the theory about programming, working and designing to become one day the kind of expert I expect to be.

As iOS developer I have many oportunities to work in different environments that require other disciplines that iOS can’t cover, I’m talking about server side dev and scripting. Ruby is my second passion as I found in it a great language to make my daily work easy and create great platforms and APIs to consume from my iOS apps.

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