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Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers: Web Service Helpers

In this cruisade about keeping your hands far from the mouse and the trackpad, Matthew and Tim drives you into the world of the utilities to fetch and download information from the internet with commands. Here you can learn how to get information about the headers and bodys of the websites you need to work with from the terminal prompt. Also you can learn how to download and manipulate files or forward them and all at a few key presses from you, not the best one up to the moment but for sure one of the ones I’m going to use more frequently.

Pasteboard Command Line

I decided to put this chapter together with the previous one because of its shortness. This is about how to use the clipboard from the command line as the title says. You never know how useful it can be until you realize the big amount of situations where it becomes a productivity improvement, not only to copy and paste data, but also to use commands and create gists with no mouse interaction.

This post belongs to a series about Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers. Next post will be Shell Tune-Ups .