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Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers: Searching With Spotlight

First of all I have to say that I am not a big fun of Spotlight. It looks to me nothing more that a textbox where to find items in the system, with an horrible and unusable list of results. To find and system items in a fast way I use launchbar, which I believe is a power and well designed tool.

Once again, Mathew and Tim showed me how wrong I was, explaining very well that behind Spotlight there is a lot more power using a sort of query language, that lets you filter by the existing, created and automated metadata that lives inside our system items, and how to take advantage of it to make it work in our favor without, once again, taking your hands out of the keyboard.

This post belongs to a series about Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers. Next post will be about Viewing with Quicklook and Moving with Finder, two short chapters that I am going to review together.