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Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers: Terminal Tips

Terminal Tips: iTerm2

This chapter is focused on the terminal, that big unknown for many users, loved and hated in the same proportion, but needed at some point if you are or you are thinking about becoming a developer.

The chapter starts talking about iTerm2 and how to use it, set it up and customize to your preferences, but beyond that you get a series of tips to be able to improve your productivity and avoid errors that will save your butt in more than one situation.

At the end of the chapter the reveal a great ‘utility’ for your terminal that will make you love this video just for it and you’ll use for sure in your daily basis work, and not only that, they show you where to get more like them. Take a look at it, it’s worth it.

This post belongs to a series about Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers. Next post will be about Source Control Assistants.