Guillem Fernandez

About my job and my passion.

Wellcome to My Blog

This is the first post and would like to introduce and present the blog, which is my goal, what will be the frequency with which I will post and how will it be related to the associated podcast.

Lets begin with introductions. I am Guillem Fern├índez and as you can see on my home page, I’ve been in the world of application development for some time. My professional life has taken me in various ways that have given me the opportunity to develop, manage teams, perform business tasks, management, recruitment and a lot of consultancy. Despite having had such different experiences, I have never stopped working as developer, sometimes as primary occupation and some others as a second job done on finish my main occupation.

I have been collecting a lot of knowledge from all my experiences, some from successes and some other from failures, that have shaped me as a professional with experience in diverse areas of knowledge and has given me the opportunity to have a wide overview of technology.

My career has led me to the Apple development environment when about three years ago I discovered the world of iOS. After three years of working in this environment I decided to create this blog to spread and, why not enjoy a little more of my passion.

At this point of my professional life, I’ve found the balance between the three characters that we all have inside as Michael E. Gerber explain in The E-Myth Revisited and think it’s a good time to share my knowledge, enjoy with it and hopefully help to enhance your personal and professional life.

The purpose of this blog is, along with the podcast, to guide, inform and help professionals and companies on those issues and technologies that I’ve been perfecting over the time, providing the necessary information to develop their personal and professional projects.

To do it, the posts will generally consist of two parts, one in which I will review more theoretical or more organizational and functional surrounding the development of iOS applications, although many of these explanations apply to other development environments, mainly mobile, but also desktop or web applications.

The other part of each post will consist of a step by step tutorials on how to develop a complete application. In those tutorials I will try to show the process of developing an App in a comprehensive way, from conception of the idea, the design, testing and finally to the publication in the App Store. All applications developed will be downloadable for free from the App Store and its source code obtained from my GitHub account.

Finally say that the timing of the post will be fortnightly, about two posts a month and two chapters of podcast, but there can be occasions when due to unusual circumstances may have posts in between. In the latter case the structure will probably not be the one I just described.

Well, I have nothing more to say to you except that I hope you find it useful. I will appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism.

See you soon.

Guillem Fernandez